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Steel Boxes and Skid Boxes

Steel Skid Boxes

Skid Boxes
Skid Boxes

Skid Platform and Box Assembly

Full channel runners are standard on this box. Standard tiering brackets or 4-way corner safety tiering angles can be provided. The corner safety stacking features insure tiered units that cannot slip and will stack securely.

Skid Boxes

Hot Forging Skid Platform and Box

Made of heavy 7 gauge steel, with 2" triangular bead top flange and 1" diameter ventilation holes to allow for air circulation and rapid dissipation of heat. The platform with extra corrugated deck provides cross ventilation under hot material. This design is standard with accessories as shown.

Skid Boxes

Crane Type Skid Platform and Box Assembly

Designed for loads up to 6,000 pounds, this box and skid platform assembly has tiering seats, safety tie lugs and full channel runners as standard accessories. The crane lugs have a 2" x 3" hole and are normally made of 3/8" x 4" wide stock, and all top edges are rounded smooth. Lugs are riveted and welded.

Skid Boxes

Corrugated Box Trucks

The principal use of corrugated box trucks is in congested production areas where aisle space does not permit moving of material by fork truck.

The design illustrated is primarily intended for light or medium loads or larger than average size parts requiring one or more press, brake or assembly operations.

The loading of a box truck should not exceed the operator's ability to maneuver the truck for positioning.